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Facebook Clears History

By: Tricia Evans    May 29, 2019

Facebook will soon be rolling out an option that will allow users to “clear their history.” As soon as early June, this tool will enable people to erase the personal data the platform collects from websites and apps. This will work similarly to when someone clears cookies and history on a web browser.

Facebook’s move comes from all the scrutiny the company has faced over user privacy and data security in recent years. This new tool will give users more transparency into how their information and data are being used.

Facebook users already have different ways to control the ads that they’re seeing within ad preferences, but this new feature will have a bigger impact on targeting. If the off-Facebook activity is cleared, marketers will not be able to use that data for Custom Audiences, such as retargeting or a look-alike audience from a Facebook conversion event. Facebook will continue to provide measurement from people who clear their activity, since their reporting methodology has always kept user data private. While there may be a decrease in the amount of user data collected for Custom Audiences, this will allow marketers to remain more relevant to the users they can target.

The entire digital industry in the next few years will be seeing a lot of changes due to privacy issues and modifications in how users are being targeted. Privacy is a growing concern among users and Facebook is trying to regain trust by giving users more control. It’s important for brands to connect with users who trust the content they are being served, so this change should be an improvement to the Facebook user experience.