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Are Google Ads’ Auto-Applied Recommendations Smart for Advertisers?

By: Brett DiFranco    June 1, 2021

In April, Google officially announced the launch of auto-applied Google Ads recommendations. The new feature will give advertisers the ability to opt in to automatically apply Google’s account recommendations, potentially saving management time and improving performance. But is opting into auto-applied recommendations smart for advertisers?

Google says that opting in to auto-applied recommendations will “improve your account performance and save time,” but Media Unleashed, like many other agencies, recommends holding off on opting in to most of the recommendations for now. While Google says the feature will not change budgets, some of the recommendations can lead to less control over ad copy, bids and bid strategies, with the potential to negatively impact performance if not reviewed carefully. Still, advertisers should continue to visit their Recommendations page often and apply those that make sense for their campaigns and goals, as Google does provide plenty of recommendations and optimization tips that will have a positive impact on ROI and campaign objectives.

If you are interested in testing auto-apply recommendations for your accounts, you can do so by clicking “auto-apply” at the top right-hand corner of the Recommendations page. There are over 17 types of recommendations that you can select to auto-apply. Auto-apply changes will appear in the History tab, where advertisers can see when they have been applied.