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Facebook Testing New In-App Shopping Ads

By: Caitlin Baker    October 2, 2019


Facebook is testing two new ad features: in-app checkout experience for dynamic ads running in the Facebook News Feed, and the ability to turn organic shopping posts on Instagram into ads. Currently only a small subset of advertisers have access to the new ad features. Facebook expects to be testing for the next few months and then plans to roll out the new features to all eligible advertisers.

In-app checkout for Facebook News Feed ads allow a user to discover a product via an ad and purchase the product from the ad without ever leaving Facebook. This drastically shortens the customer journey and provides seamless, quick purchasing power for users. Users will be required to have a payment method attached to their Facebook account in order to check out. Some may not find this ideal after recent privacy concerns with Facebook; but in this case, the convenience of being able to make quick purchases may outweigh any privacy concerns.

Instagram has been rolling out shoppable Instagram posts over the past six months but the “Check Out on Instagram” feature has only been available for organic posts. Instagram has been allowing select advertisers to turn their posts into ads via Ads Manager. This gives and will give advertisers the opportunity to reach new targeted audiences beyond their followers.

Something tells us that these new features will likely be available to most before the Holiday season so keep an eye out!