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Dangers of Programmatic on Autopilot

By: Nick Zwinggi    March 10, 2020

Imagine a website where families go to find gravesites. Not a site that’s very well-traveled … and when traveled, the user is probably not in the greatest mood.

Now imagine you’re a CPG Brand that promotes excitement, vitality, and happiness. And you suddenly see a chunk of your media budget was spend advertised to people searching for lost loved-ones in a decades-old gravesite.

It looks like that cemetery website is where your media dollars went to die.

Another scenario: what about when your sub-brands are vying for the same audiences, unknowingly driving up their (and your) bid costs?

To the untrained eye, or one lacking perspective, these and other bi-products of machine (only) guided programmatic devalue the very potency you seek from programmatic.

At Media Unleashed, each of our clients has a dedicated programmatic lead, overseeing the machine – not the other way around.

So you could rage against the machine … or you can embrace it, command it, and make it work best for your brands, your budgets, and your bottom line.